How much does a full golf bag weigh? Total wet and dry weight! (2023)

One of the challenges associated with playing 18 holes of golf is lugging your bag around the course. Therefore, it is important to consider the total weight. So how much does the average golf bag (along with the clubs) weigh? The short answer to this question is that combined weight is approximate.13.6 kilos (30 pounds).

However, we must also keep in mind that this is only a rough estimate. Many other factors will come into play. Accessories, golf balls and whether the device is wet or dry can also play a crucial role. This brings us to an important question. What is a good backpack weight and how can you lighten the load to enjoy your time on the trail? Let's take a closer look.

pocketweight kilos)weight (grams)Weight (kilogram)
Full dry bag (approx.)30 pounds13600gr13,6kg
Wet full bag (approx.)33 pounds15000gr15,0kg
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The approximate weight of the golf bag

The good news is that moderngolf bagsMuch lower weight compared to course-loaded models in the past. Experts estimate that the average bag weighs somewhere between1.4 to 2.3 kg (approximately between three and five pounds). However, other factors can increase bag weight.

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A typical example is using a larger rod box instead of a smaller tripod model. Other issues such as wheels and possible metalwork (an example might be the presence of a series of monograms or steel reinforcements in the design) also affect the weight of the golf bag.

Racket Weight Handling: The Factors to Consider

Now that we've looked at the average weight of a golf bag, what about clubs? After all, this is the main content that will be present on the lawn. Racket weight depends on the materials used and the type of racket. Assuming your pack is loaded with a set of 14 clubs, how does that affect the weight?

Industry experts agree that most golf clubs weigh on average0.33 kg (0.73 pounds). This corresponds to a total weight of10.22 pounds (463 kg). Still, we must bear in mind that some irons can weigh significantly more than a composite model. For this reason, it's a good idea to assume the weight of each racquet is just under half a kilogram (one pound). This can help smooth out any discrepancies between different racquet models.

We also need to look at the weight of an average golf iron, as this putter tends to be the most used on the course. Most 9 irons weigh approx.434 grams (0.44 kilograms). As you might have guessed, this weight will decrease as we go down the irons. A 6 iron weighs approx.0.92 pounds (0.41 kilograms)while an iron weighs 30.88 pounds (0.4 kg).

An example of how club weight comes into play can be seen when examining the Callaway Golf Men's Strata set. The combined weight of these ten rackets is8.72 pounds (3.95 kg). However, different manufacturers can often be associated with higher or lower weights. For example, the Cobra F-Max One iron set weighs in totalten pounds (4.53 kg). This raises another point that must be examined more closely.

societyweight kilos)weight (grams)Weight (kilogram)
9 the iron0.95 pounds434gr0,44kg
8 Eisen0.94 pounds429 gr0,43kg
7 Eisen0.93 pounds422gr0,42kg
6 Eisen0.92 pounds417gr0.41kg
5 Eisen0.90 pounds409gr0,40kg
4 Eisen0.89 pounds407gr0,40kg
3 Eisen0.88 pounds402gr0,40kg
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A Look at Graphite Versus Steel Shafts

Anyone who has played golf for awhile probably knows that graphite shafts have become very popular on the course. This is mainly because they are extremely lightweight yet still have the same flexibility and tear strength as steel. If you want to lighten the passage between holes, consider graphite putters as a sensible alternative. Other benefits of graphite templates include:


  • You can extend your driving distance by up to five meters.
  • Its lightweight design makes it easy to swing (hence the noticeable swing boost).
  • Graphite is able to absorb the impact of hitting the ball. This leads to less vibration and less shoulder issues over time.

The only potential downside is that graphite putters and shafts are more expensive than stainless steel (sometimes up to 20% more expensive). Make sure you consider this before committing to any purchases. Of course, it's also a good idea to try out each racquet to get a feel for your swing and see if you're happy with the overall design.

The weight of golf balls (and how many there are)

Another interesting factor is the balls present in your bag. While her weight doesn't seem like much, we have to remember that every little bit counts. Most golfers carry a total of nine balls in their bag. Each ball must weigh exactly45,93 Gramm. Assuming you plan on taking nine with you, that makes a total weight of 413.37 grams (almost half a kilo). So we can see that small additions can very well make a noticeable difference.

Wet and Dry Golf Bags: Is There a Difference?

Up to this point, we have provided weights assuming all equipment is completely dry. It is still a fact that not all games are played under ideal conditions. What happens if the golf bag gets wet? This is a pretty broad question as different materials absorb water at different rates.

Going back to the original assumption that the standard golf bag weighs between three and five pounds. If the bag is made primarily of canvas or nylon, it will tend to absorb more water compared to a unit made primarily of plastic or composite materials. There may even be times whenExtremely absorbent materials can add an extra pound or two to the bag's total weight. So if you're playing in a region with a lot of rain and humidity, it might be a good idea to check what this has to do with the manufacturing process.

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Other accessories that may need to be considered

to summarize quicklywe looked at some important variables related to the weight of a golf bag. These include:

  • The weight of the bag alone (known in the industry as the "dry weight").
  • The average weight of clubs.
  • The differences between graphite and steel rackets.
  • The presence of golf balls (assuming you carry nine total).
  • How a wet bag can add to your weight.

Still, you can plan to bring other common gear with you. Examples might include an extra pair of studded shoes, a full water bottle, golf shirts, and an umbrella if rain is forecast. Depending on these and other items, it should be obvious that the bag's weight will naturally increase. You might even want to weigh them in advance to determine how much.


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A look at some of the lightest and heaviest golf bags on the market

Manufacturers are always looking for ways to lighten their load on the course. For this reason, modern handbags are extremely light. Some of the most impressive models currently on the market are:

  • The Callaway Golf Hyper Lite (2.5 pounds).
  • Or Sun Mountain Golf 2.5+ (2.8 pounds).
  • The TaylorMade FlexTech Lite (4.3 pounds).
  • The Cobra Golf 2018 Ultralight (4.5 pounds).

This brings us to the last point. What is a good bag weight? In fact, this is a very subjective question. Younger and fitter players may not mind bringing a bag and its contents weighing up to 40 pounds. However, golfers with smaller frames or mobility issues should always choose a lighter model. Not only does this translate into a higher level of comfort, but we also have to keep in mind that carrying an exceptionally heavy bag can cause fatigue and cramps (especially if you're playing on a really hot day).

While it's important to do some research online to determine factors such as bag design and professional reviews, you still need to get a feel for ergonomics. For this reason, it's usually wise to visit a brick-and-mortar retail center and ask about different bags. You will be able to make a much more informed choice than would otherwise be possible. There are countless factors that affect your performance on the course and the weight of a golf bag should never be overlooked. As always, be sure to consult this article for guidance or reference.

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